MAYA (1966)

Hugh Bowen:  Clint Walker
Terry Bowen:  Jay North
Raji: Sajid Khan
One Eye:  I.S. Johar
Gammu Ghat:  Jairaj
One Eye's Daughter:  Uma Rao
Sheela:  Sonia Sahni
Raji's Father:  Nana Palshikar
A King Bros. Production:
Producers:  Frank King and Maurice King
Director:  John Berry
Associate Producers:  Mary P. Murray
and Herman King
Film Editor:  Richard V. Heer
Director of Photography:  Gunter Senftleben
Music Composed & Conducted by Riz Ortolani
Unit Production Manager:  Clarence Eurist
Assistants:  Baba Shaikh and Chimankant Gandhi
Screenplay:  John Fante
Adaptation:  Gilbert Wright
Based on the story, "The  Wild Elephant by:
Jalal Din and Lois Roth
MGM Films, 1966, 91 Minutes
Released on video                       

According to the 1966 MGM press release, "Maya tells the moving story of a boy's need for his father, the latter's struggle to regain his lost courage, and the friendship and understanding between two boys of vastly different origins and cultures.  Clint Walker portrays the father, a white hunter in the jungles of India who has become a coward as the result of a near fatal clawing by a man eating tiger but who redeems himself in the film's  thrilling climax.  Jay North plays the son who has come to visit him from America and who subsequently runs away to join an Indian boy (Sajid Khan) in an adventure filled trek through the dangerous jungles in which they seek to bring two elephants to a temple where the small white elephant will be a sacred symbol."


In late 1964, Sajid was cast as 'Raji' in MAYA, to be filmed on location in his home country of India.  MAYA was being produced by the King Brothers for MGM.  Their past films included "The Brave One," "Gorgo", and "Captain Sinbad".  The film's main stars would be Clint Walker, Jay North, and Sajid.