When Raji is felled by a snakebite, Terry seeks help from a local village which is frightened of a 'demon'.  When a woman is killed by the 'demon', Terry sets out to dispel the villagers' superstitions and confront the 'demon'.
Directed by Herbert Coleman
Written by  Edwin Blum
Guest Stars:
M.A. Lateef as Kuja
Neelum as Indira
Gajanan Jagirdar as Chanru


While Raji goes for help, an injured Terry joins a retired British officer who maintains an unkempt army.  When they are attacked by a local gang, the officer has some surprises for the would be attackers.
Guest Stars:
Oliver McGowan as Major Walker
S.P. Sinha as Khandur
Chanda Joglekar
Satyadey Dubey
(Original airdate was 11Nov67 but was pre-empted.  First press announcement appeared that MAYA would be cancelled in February.)

9.  A BUS FOR RAMABAD (25Nov67)

Terry and Raji persuade Maya to push a broken down bus through the streets of Bombay in order to help villagers who have been swindled by a con artist.  Guest star, I.S.  Johar, played One-Eye, the villain in Maya the movie.
Guest Stars:
I.S. Johar as Akbar, the swindler
Merchant Mubarak as Chundar

10. THE ROOT OF EVIL (2Dec67)

A holy man is killed and a temple is looted.  Raji and Terry are charged with the murder. The boys turn to Maya to help them escape from jail and track down the gold smuggling killers.
Teleplay by Paul Franklin
Story by Paul Franklin and William Copeland
Directed by Allan Baron
Guest Stars:
Prem Nath as Chand, the thief
Bimal Raj as Bir, Chand's accomplice
Krishankant as Guleb, the shopkeeper
Amrish Puri as the police chief
Ravi Kant as Natu Patel, the holyman

11.  DEADLY PASSGE (9Dec67)
Hunted by the police, a gold thief forces Terry, Raji and Maya to take him into the perilous Himalayas.
Teleplay by Rik Vollaerts
Story by Loren Dayle
Directed by Hollingsworth Morse
Guest Stars:
Nehemiah Persoff as Lansing, the gold thief
Gajanan Jagirdar as Wahid