After the film MAYA was completed, but not yet released, King Brothers Productions issued a press release in January of 1966 that they had signed Sajid to another full length film, HEAVEN WITH A GUN.  The release went on to describe:

"Sajid Khan, the 13 year-old-boy in MAYA, will go to Hollywood to play the leading role of an American Indian youth in HEAVEN WITH A GUN.  The picture is scheduled to go before the cameras in February.  Also signed for HEAVEN WITH A GUN is night club dance soloist, Loretta Miller, who made her motion picture debut with Herman's Hermits in HOLD ON."

When the possibility arose, however, that MAYA could become a television series, the King Brothers wanted to keep Sajid available for the series.  HEAVEN WITH A GUN was later made by the King Brothers in 1969.  By then, Sajid was busy with television and recording.  The role of the boy in the film was then changed to a girl, played by Barbara Hershey.

KING OF THE WINDS (1966 Unmade)

In January of 1966, the King Brothers also issued a press release that they had signed Jay North and Sajid to star in KING OF THE WINDS.  The film was to be made in Germany.  However, as with HEAVEN WITH A GUN, when the possibility of MAYA as a t.v. series arose, the film was not made.