12.  NATIRA (23Dec67)
A beautiful princess seeks help from Terry and Raji to escape from a marriage arranged by her conniving uncle.  Guest stars, I.S. Johar and Jairaj, appeared in early episodes of MAYA, as well as Maya the movie.  Pre-empted from 16Dec67.
Guest Stars:
Salome Aaron as Natira
I.S. Johar as Lal
Jairaj as the Maharajah
Dharmesh as Shyam

13.  THE SON OF GAMMU GHAT (13Jan67)
Terry and Raji arrive at the farm of a friend of Terry's father and find the man has accidentally killed his sister-in-law's brother.  The dead man's father vows revenge.  Terry and Raji take sides in this neighbourhood feud and Maya's life is endangered in a burning barn. 
Guest Stars:
Mahesh Desai as Krishna
Sachin Sharad as Shochet
Manhar Desai as Ram

A treasure hunter, Matt Collins, poses as an archeologist and hires Terry and Raji to help him dig.  The boys quickly discover that they have been tricked and that their lives are in danger. Guest star, Jairaj, makes another appearance in the t.v. series as a different character.  He also appeared in the film MAYA.
Guest Stars:
Michael Pate as Matt Collins
Jairaj as Kana
Bimal Raj as Ang
Karan Dewan as Divan
Mani Kaul as Ali

15.  THE RANSOM OF RAJI (27Jan67)

Raji is kidnapped by hoodlums who think he is the son of a wealthy businessman.  Maya plays a key role in the search for Raji. 
Guest Stars:
Manmohan Krishna as Habib Khan
Rakesh Pande as Amin Khan
Anju Mahendroo as Shamin

16. THE WITNESS (3Feb68)

Terry and Raji risk their freedom to help a peasant who has wrongly been accused of murder. 
Guest Stars:
Surindernath as Suchet Singh
Shivraj as Amarnath
S.P. Sinha as  Desai
Mort Mills